BelSoc Annual General Meeting

Posted on 29/5/2022

This year’s AGM was held at Belsize Square Synagogue on Sunday 6 March, with about 50 members attending.

The Chair reported on a year that – while affected by the restrictions due to Covid – did allow for more activities. He highlighted the successful historic walk, an event for the film Moll King’s Belsize Houses and a well-attended carol singing event.

Discussion at the AGM focussed on whether Belsize should develop a neighbourhood plan, a request for follow-up on the pollution monitoring exercise and how the Society would be re-engaging with community services such as policing now that we were emerging out of lockdown. Attendees also mentioned some live planning applications, such as development of the O2 Centre.

The Society’s finances remain healthy. A new committee was agreed (see box). Michael Jampel and Barbara Abraham will serve as Trustees for the three years, with the other Trustees continuing for at least another year.

The Chair outlined some plans for 2022/23. This Newsletter includes an update on the Queen’s Green Canopy and reports on the BelSoc local election hustings. In the rest of the year, the Society will organise a full roster of events, such as its summer party and a historic walk. The meeting ended with tea and cakes kindly prepared by volunteers.

BelSoc Trustees and Committee members, 2022/23

  • Prabhat Vaze (Chair, Trustee)
  • Artur Carulla (Planning)
  • Sarah Courtin (Secretary)
  • Tom Symes (Planning)
  • Neil Harris (Treasurer, Trustee)
  • Anne Stevens (Membership Secretary, Trustee)
  • David Thomas (Local Services)
  • Michael Jampel (Trustee only)
  • Sanya Polescuk