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HS2: Further works on Adelaide Road

Works are continuing to set up the Adelaide Road site. HS2 wrote last month to let you know that the traffic management on Adelaide Road would last until the end of September. However, due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the supply chain, current temporary lane closures and traffic lights on Adelaide Road will now remain in place until late October.
Please see details as attached here or visit for more information.
Previous notification: Works planned to repair the road surface and kerbs on Adelaide Road
Please  see full details and maps here

Camden Planning Guidance; new drafts and updates

Camden is consulting on two new drafts for Home Improvements and Housing plus updates on Amenities (air quality; basements; community, leisure and pub uses; design; employment, energy efficiency and adaptation; planning for health and wellbeing; town centres; transport).
To see what is being proposed and comment, please go to
They would like your views by 09.10.20.

Planning Matters

100 Avenue Road: Pause in Construction

Many will have noticed the removal of cranes from the 100 Avenue Road site. The developers – Essential Living – held a Construction Working Group meeting in July to update local groups and councillors about plans. The phase removing the old building and putting in place foundations has ended and work at the site has been paused. Continue reading

Tradesman You Can Trust 2020

Thank you for patiently awaiting the 2020 TYCT which accompanies the printed version of this newsletter, and extra thanks to all members who contributed recommendations of new and existing tradesmen. The booklet still covers 20 pages, but some categories are well spaced out, as one way and another, there are fewer entries than for some years, including a number caused by non-payment of the membership fee. Continue reading

Society Business: Donations and Gift Aid

Donations made by the Society
As members will know, every year BelSoc makes donations to causes that the Committee believes, on your behalf, to be worthy of our financial support. This year’s events, of course, have meant that a huge number of organisations, large and small, have been unable to engage in their usual fundraising activities and so have faced financial difficulty. With this in mind, we have already made substantial donations to the Chalk Farm Food Bank, Marie Curie, and to Camden Giving. This last is a charity that has set up a dedicated Covid-19 fund to help address the challenges the pandemic has thrown up in the borough to charities, social enterprises and community groups (more information can be found at We have asked that our contribution be aimed particularly at supporting the charity’s adult care activities. Continue reading

Belsize Society Newsletter: August 2020

Welcome to the Newsletter of the Belsize Society.

We were very sad to hear about the passing away of Consuelo Phelan in May. She was passionate about the trees in Belsize and helped the Society and BRA for many years. This Newsletter has a piece about her.

The Newsletter also presents results from last year’s pollution monitoring project. It shows three of our 10 locations breached the annual legal limits for nitrogen dioxide and several other sites experienced high levels during winter months. Thanks to the volunteers and Teresa Poole for this study which we’ll build on in the coming months.

Peter Darley writes about Robert Stephenson, Chief Engineer for the London and Birmingham Railway in the 1830s, residing in Belsize, and who personally took responsibility for the the first nine miles of the line from Camden Town, establishing the construction technology for the railway age.

September sees the release of a book that captures Belsize in the 18th century. David Percy’s book about “Moll” King describes a woman who mixed with harlots, courtesans and lords.

The Newsletter also updates on some local news, including the work of a group of organisations towards a Hampstead Hopper Bus. We also describe donations the Society are making, particularly responding to C19 challenges. With this issue, you’ll also be receiving a copy of Tradesman You Can Trust.

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter.

Hampstead Hopper Bus

Hampstead Hopper Bus (HHB) is an “unincorporated community organisation of local residents” which is gauging the interest in a Hopper Bus service travelling around the wider Hampstead/North Belsize Park area to encourage people to move around and go back to shops, and of course, to avoid car use post Covid. The intention would be to launch the service in the latter part of the year. It would be a subscription funded bus serving Hampstead and parts of Belsize Village.

HHB  will need at least 500 interested people to make this a viable project, so do ask as many of your family, friends and neighbours to complete this survey, which is available here.

The deadline for completion is Friday, 31st August and the organisation can be contacted by email at

100 Avenue Road: Summary of Minutes from CWG video conference call on 18th June 2020

1. Works progress: Most excavation and the basement box completed
2. Next works: Contractor’s contract works, including ground floor slab, complete by end June. Contractor will then undertake closing out works as instructed by EL. Tower crane to be removed first week of July.
3. Dust & Noise: noise monitor readings all below 70db and dust levels mainly below 50 micro grams. The small volumes of cleaning solution wash off from machinery, will be soaked up by sand around cleaning area.
4. Lorry movements: vehicles missing from compliance register due to drivers using unrecorded vehicles, now corrected. Request that vehicle tables should differentiate between those entering via the site and those via A41 pit lane. TfL to be asked for written evidence of vehicle movements across A41 to pit lane.
5. Future of works: due to Covid 19, EL are conducting strategic review. Once closing works complete, there will be no main contractor on site in 2020. Site will be made safe, holes boxed off, security employed by EL. CCTV and roaming security frequency to be decided. Camden councillor requested the site be inspected when closing off completed. Also requested point of contact for any issues once site closed.
6. Answers regarding future use of amended CMP not known; future of site not within scope of meeting. Three members praised the contractor for their professional dealing with a difficult situation.

Next meeting: Thursday, 23rd July 2020 at 18.00 via Zoom, link to be circulated.