Notable Residents

Isokon building – credit: Nick Kane

Belsize buildings have hosted many people of note, from literary figures via members of the entertainment arts, engineers, and psychoanalysts, to those of a political persuasion, one of whom is notorious for being the only British prime minister to be assassinated.

We have included residents from the wider Belsize area as some people may like to plan a walk based on the locations of certain plaques such as the Belsize Blue Plaque walk here. Most of the plaques are blue and placed by English Heritage, but others such as the Hampstead Plaque Fund, also erect plaques.

English Heritage plaque – credit: Historic England

Nearly a quarter of the list below, shows that by far the largest group choosing to live in Belsize, consisted of artists; Arthur Rackham, Duncan Grant, Piet Mondrian, Ben Nicholson and Walter Sickert amongst others. Novelists and poets,  e.g. Jerome K Jerome and Hugo Manning; playwrights, actors and directors  including Alan Ayckbourn, RIchard Burton and Alexander Korda; composers and musicians – Elgar, Clara Butt and “Hutch”; designers and sculptors such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth and architects, one of these last being Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus design movement which combined crafts and fine arts.

Address No. Resident Occupation
Adamson Road 14 Robert Bevan artist
Adelaide Road 91 William de Morgan ceramic artist
Antrim Mansions 22 James Agate drama critic
Avenue Road 81 Sir Alexander Korda film producer
Belsize Avenue 45 Gordon Harker actor
56 Sir James Stirling architect
Hillfield Court 104 Diana Wynyard actor
Belsize Crescent 13 Berthold Goldschmidt composer
20 Leslie Hornby (Twiggy) fashion model
Belsize Grove 18 Sir Richard Rogers architect
Belsize House Spencer Percival prime minister
Belsize Park 41 Jerome K Jerome novelist
Belsize Park Gardens 6 Lytton Strachey artist/critic
27 Henry Brailsford journalist
44 Frederick Delius composer
53 Tom Eckersley poster artist & graphic designer
76 Elisabeth Lutyens composer
Belsize Square 27 Miles Malleson actor
46 Hugo Manning poet
Buckland Crescent 15 Evelyn Rothwell musician
Chalcot Gardens 16 Arthur Rackham artist
Chalcot Crescent 37 Jose Rizal writer & national hero of Philippines
Downside Crescent 4 H W Nevinson essayist
4 C R W Nevinson artist
Eldon Grove 1 William Dobson artist
Elsworthy Road 4 Henry Wood musician
Elsworthy Terrace 9 Agnes Arber botanist
Eton College Road ? James Cameron TV journalist
Eton Road 84 R D Laing psychiatrist
Eton Villas 1 Sir John Summerson architectural historian
9 Alfred Stevens architect
Fellows Road 84 James Aumonier artist
143 Duncan Grant artist
155 Sir Arnold Bax composer
Glenloch Road 32 Alan Ayckbourn playwright
Glenmore Road 43 Robert Powell actor
Harley Road 7 Clara Butt singer
Haverstock Hill 43 Stephen Bone artist
53 Mark Gertier artist
site of 145 Robert Stephenson railway engineer
160 William Empson writer
? Phil May illustrator/cartoonist
King Henry’s Road 10 Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Indian Crusader for Social Justice</td >
Howitt Road 9 Ramsay Macdonald prime minister
Lawn Road Isokon Marcel Breuer architect/furniture design
Agatha Christie novelist
Naum Gabo artist
Walter Gropius architect/founder Bauhaus
Philip Harben cook
Laszio Moholy-Nagy artist
Nicholoas Montserrat novelist
Adrian Stokes artist
jack Pritchard furniture design/builder Isokon
84 John Logie Baird television pioneer
Lyndhurst Road 6 Richard Burton actor
Maresfield Gardens 4 Cecil Sharp collector of folk songs
20 Anna Freud psychoanalyst
Sigmund Freud psychoanalyst
Netherhall Gardens 1 Beatrice Webb political reformer
Sidney Webb founder New Statesman
site of 42 Edward Elgar composer
51 John P Edward journalist
Ornan Road 2 David Devant magician
Parkhill Road 7 & 11 Henry Moore sculptor
54 Charles Orchardson artist
60 Piet Mondrian artist
Parkhill Road Mall Studios George Clausen artist
Walter Sickert artist
Barbara Hepworth sculptor
Ben Nicholson artist
Sir Herbert Read writer and artist
Sir James Linton artist
Robert McBeth artist
Cecil Stephenson artist
Primrose Hill Road 4 Fred Terry actor/manager
8 Adelina Patti singer
32 Helen Waddell writer/translator
Steele’s Cottage Sir Richard Steele dramatist/essayist
Steele’s Road 31 Leslie Hutchinson singer & pianist
Steele’s Studios 1 CRW Nevinson artist
David Bomberg artist
Upper Park Road 44 Thomas Danby artist
Wedderburn Road 4 Barry Humphries actor/comedian