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Eton Avenue – credit: Luke Collins

The Belsize Society is a charity of over 500 household members who seek to preserve the character of the area by keeping a close eye on planning and environment issues. We work with local public bodies to improve the quality of local services and we promote a greater sense of community by providing information about local issues and holding social events. We publish a quarterly Newsletter and an annual booklet of recommendations for Tradesmen You Can Trust.

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News & Issues

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  • “Hampstead Hopper Bus” - is an "unincorporated community organisation of local residents".which is gauging the interest in a Hopper Bus service travelling around the wider Hampstead/North Belsize Park area to encourage people to move around and go back to shops, and of course, to avoid car use post Covid. At least 500 interested people are required to make this a viable project so do ask as many… Read more
  • 100 Avenue Road: Summary of Minutes from CWG video conference call on 18th June 2020 - 1. Works progress: Most excavation and the basement box completed 2. Next works: Contractor’s contract works, including ground floor slab, complete by end June. Contractor will then undertake closing out works as instructed by EL. Tower crane to be removed first week of July. 3. Dust & Noise: noise monitor readings all below 70db and dust levels mainly below 50 micro grams. The… Read more
  • AGM Report: First Society Annual General Meeting - The first full Belsize Society AGM took place at Belsize Square Synagogue on Sunday 8 March. The meeting reviewed a successful year for the Society. The Chair reported on events that were organised, the continued role of commenting on planning and tree applications, and the publications the Society produced. The Tradesmen You Can Trust booklet was provided to members, who were also kept… Read more

Features & Comments

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  • Essay: The Broader Perspective - We asked writer and philosopher Alain de Botton for something to inspire us in these difficult and unusual times. At some point in the 1650s, the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal jotted down one of the most counterintuitive aphorisms of all time: ‘The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he cannot stay quietly in his room.’ Really? Surely having to stay… Read more
  • Belsize poetry - We asked Belsize poet Robert Ilson for some reflective words in the age of lockdown. Here is what he sent us (originally published in Ham & High in April). At Liberty If you step into the World today Remember to use your eyes To grasp the myriad shapes and hues Of earth and trees and skies And should you in a thoroughfare See… Read more