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Eton Avenue – credit: Luke Collins

The Belsize Society is a charity of over 500 household members who seek to preserve the character of the area, by keeping a close eye on planning and environment issues. We work with local public bodies to improve the quality of local services and we promote a greater sense of community by providing information about local issues and holding social events. We publish a quarterly Newsletter and an annual booklet of recommendations for Tradesmen You Can Trust

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News & Issues

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  • Streaming “The Story of Moll King’s Belsize Houses”, 20 Dec-6 Jan - David Percy's presentation is available to stream online over the seasonal period, in case you would like to see this excellent presentation again or were unable to go to the recent screening. David has kindly allowed his illustrated production to be available for a limited period, streaming from 20 December… Read more
  • Belsize Streatery Designation Consultation -  for a permanent designation for street trading purposes only, is now open until 21st January 2022. It can be found here. Camden has included some explanatory notes such as: "Designation Consultation", which indicates that if approved, the area will still be the subject of a licence application. Also informative are … Read more
  • Camden is launching a new consultation on the Site Allocation Local Plan - (This possibly relates to the substantial controversy over the proposed development of the 02 Centre site.) Further opportunity to have your say on the emerging Site Allocations Local Plan Since the last consultation on the Site Allocations Local Plan ended in March/April 2020 a lot has happened: Camden has declared… Read more

Features & Comments

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  • Celebrating 50 years of the Belsize Society and its predecessors - We asked Averil Nottage, former Chairwoman of the Belsize Residents Association, to address our 50th anniversary event.  Here is what she said.  As we celebrate 50 years of the Belsize Society and its predecessors, it seems appropriate to remind ourselves of our key achievements.  So here is a whistle stop tour of 50 years in five minutes. Our greatest achievements were usually secured through campaigns.  Our first campaign, in 1971, was probably the most significant.  There was a plan to build a London Motorway Box that would cut through… Read more
  • Fiftieth Anniversary Event: The Story of Moll King’s Belsize Houses - On 4 November, we celebrated our 50th anniversary with a very special event, hosted at the Belsize Community Library. David Percy presented his illustrated production about Moll King’s Belsize Houses. It was our first indoor event for many months: it was wonderful to see our members face-to-face again and within Belsize Library.  Projected onto a big screen, David's production is a mix of historical analysis and images with a series of readings from David’s book “The Harlots of Haversack Hill”. It starts with the early origins of Moll King… Read more
  • Society’s Historical Walk around Belsize - We were delighted to be able to resume our hitherto regular historical walks in September, having been prevented for so long by events from organising these. On the day the weather seemed distinctly unpromising, but the rain happily relented in the afternoon. We were rewarded with a large attendance.  On this occasion, our former Chair Averil Nottage conducted a stroll through parts of Belsize that gave an insight into some representative aspects of our locality’s rich social and architectural history, dating back 1,000 years. Starting in Belsize Terrace and… Read more