Traders You Can Trust

Tradesmen You Can Trust

The title “Tradesmen You Can Trust” first appeared in the early 1990s when the traders were listed within the BRA Newsletter. The idea proved very popular with members and by 2005, the list had grown sufficiently to merit its own booklet. The first issue contained 12 pages and has since grown to its current 20 pages. It was retitled to Traders You Can Trust in 2024.

The booklet is published by The Belsize Society, exclusively for its members and is included in the membership fee. The list of around 200 traders is revised annually as a result of the recommendations and comments received from members. It also includes useful contact information for local services.  Each edition is included with the May Newsletter and is given to new members joining later in the year.

Are any of the traders you have used during the past year already listed in the booklet, or were they perhaps from another source? And were you sufficiently pleased with their work  to recommend them to other members?

If so, do please send us your suggestions and views on the recommendation form which can be downloaded here. Details of where to send it are on the form or the information required may be emailed directly to