BelSoc local election hustings

Posted on 29/5/2022

Belsize Square Synagogue was once again the venue for the BelSoc local election hustings, which took place on Sunday 1 May. Candidates from the three main parties (Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats) shared a stage to answer pre-circulated questions from members. The Greens were invited but did not attend.  

Issues ranged from housing, the encouragement of independent shops, traffic, trees, the future of 100 Avenue Road, the merits of the Belsize Village Streatery and the planned redevelopment of the area now occupied by the O2 Centre.  Following the election, Belsize ward returned three Liberal Democrat councillors.  If you want to know who was successful in your ward, go to The Belsize Society looks forward to working with all councillors in the Belsize area.