Tradesman You Can Trust

Posted on 29/5/2022

We were delighted that this year, your contributions were sufficient to give us a marginal increase in entries to 165 and that was from fewer contributors. Some of you were marvellously resourceful, sending us two forms full of commendations. We, and presumably other members, are very appreciative. Also, there were fewer deletions than usual so gradually, we’re creeping back to pre-pandemic list levels of around 180 tradesmen.

Interestingly, two of the largest categories, builders and plumbers, and also electricians, have maintained their number of entries over the years, but decorators, who used to be up with the top two, has just half the entries it had seven years ago.

Just a reminder that your contributions are very welcome all through the year and can be sent by email to, be it on the form in the centre of the booklet or ‘Freehand’. Please give full details for the entry (website addresses are very useful) as well as whether you prefer your phone number or email to be used by other members to contact you for more information.