Queen’s Green Canopy Tree Planting

Posted on 16/5/2023

The Queen’s Green Canopy was a nationwide initiative created to mark the Platinum Jubilee of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and was due to conclude in December 2022, the end of the Jubilee year. However, in accordance with the wishes of His Majesty The King, the initiative was extended to the end of March 2023 so that more trees could be planted in memoriam to honour Her Majesty and create a living legacy and lasting tribute to Her Majesty’s extraordinary service to her country and her people.

We are happy to announce that three trees were planted at the beginning of March on the ‘island’ at the junction of Eton Avenue, Lancaster Grove, Lambolle Place and Eton Garages, and the planting is recorded on the QGC map – https://queensgreencanopy.org/map-education-hub/qgc-map

Guided by Camden Tree Department, we chose a Crab Apple (Malus yunnanensis var. veitchii), a Hazel (Corylus colurna) and a Tasselled Cherry (Prunus litigiosa). It is hoped that these three trees (plus the established Horse Chestnut) will provide interest from spring through to autumn. Immediately after planting, we were somewhat underwhelmed by the overall impact but the three trees have evidently enjoyed the wet spring and are growing apace, with the Cherry producing a good display of blossom in April.

We were pleased to have the trees planted in time to appear on the Queen’s Green Canopy map but the project is not yet complete. The project has local CIL funds earmarked for resurfacing the island and adding an extra bench or two. We will press on with our efforts to get these improvements implemented. This project has had the unwavering support of all Belsize Ward’s councillors, from both before and after the May 2022 local elections, and we are particularly grateful to Cllr Matthew Kirk, without whose determined efforts we would still be waiting for the trees to be planted.