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Posted on 9/2/2021

Tradesman You Can Trust 2021

This time last year, we were asking for your contributions to the 2020 booklet which would reach you in May. Little did we know that you wouldn’t receive it until August. Not that we’re sure about May delivery this year, but hope springs eternal so here we are again, hoping you will send us loads of new recommendations and re-recommendations of local tradesmen you have used in the past year – we need to fill some of those gaps which appeared last time!

Our February Newsletter is being emailed to those of you who have email. Similarly, the TYCT form will be emailed to you but separately. The form can be downloaded and printed from the website as well ( and of course you can send a straight forward email with the tradesmen’s and your own details to

All contributions to be received by 26th March 2021 please.
Stay safe and well Everyone.

Belsize Society donations policy

The Belsize Society is run entirely by volunteers, and its operating costs are met by the annual subscriptions of members, including gift aid. It also occasionally acts as a channel for monies donated, for example by film companies, for the benefit of the community. When its resources exceed its costs and appropriate reserves for contingencies, it sometimes, at the discretion of the Trustees, makes donations to purposes that accord with its charitable aims.

The Committee has recently updated its policy on donations, and the revised document can be found on the website.  Donations are not ever for more than £1,000 and often much less, and always for purposes with a direct impact on the local community. The Trustees aim to spread the donations out amongst purposes and organisations, both in any single year and across the years, and to respond flexibly to needs in the local area as they arise.  For example, we have recently given money a local foodbank. The Committee is always grateful for specific suggestions from members of purposes or organisations to which donations might be made.

Join the Committee

Would you like to help steer the organisation? We’d be delighted to welcome members to shape what we do through joining the new 2021/22 Committee. 

We’re always on the lookout for people with an interest in representing residents’ views to Camden, organising events and contributing to the Newsletter. 

If you would like to find out more about what the Committee does, then please contact us at

Contributing to the Newsletter

Would you like to contribute to a future Newsletter? If you have lived in Belsize Park for 30 years or more and would like to be the subject of an interview on what life was like in previous decades, we would like to hear from you. Please contact