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What’s coming up at Hampstead Theatre?

On the main stage – Rock ’N’Roll   6 December – 27 January

1968: Russian tanks have rolled into Czechoslovakia, and Syd Barrett has been dumped by Pink Floyd. Jan, a visiting postgrad at Cambridge, breaks with his old professor Max, a Marxist philosopher, and heads home to Prague with his suitcase full of “socially negative music”. Rock ’n’ Roll covers the ensuing 21 years in the lives of three generations of Max’s family while Jan is caught in the spiral of dissidence in a Communist police state. But it’s a love story too – and then there’s the music…

Tom Stoppard returns to Hampstead after the triumphant revival of Hapgood (2015). Director Nina Raine also returns to Hampstead where her directing credits include her own play Tiger Country (2011 & 2014) and William Boyd’s Longing (2013).

Downstairs – Nineteen Gardens    until 9 December 

Nearly two years after the end of their affair, John and Aga meet once more.  Each has filled the void left by the other: he has withdrawn into his world of wealth and privilege; she has found herself working as a chambermaid to support her family.  Both recognise that the spark between them is still there.  Will they rekindle what they had, or is an altogether darker game about to be played out…?

Downstairs – This Much I Know   13 December – 27 January. 

A tenured professor of psychology, Lukesh enjoys a life as organised and logical as his mind.  But then his wife vanishes, sending only a text message by way of explanation and leaving him to re-evaluate their relationship. He discovers she has embarked on an epic odyssey, crossing and recrossing Russia and delving deep into Soviet history on a quest to unravel a family mystery of which he was unaware – one in which Josef Stalin himself may be involved.

Jonathan Spector’s play is at once a love story and a kaleidoscopic primer in psychology, history, and the use and abuse of power. 

To find out more and buy tickets, visit or phone 020 7722 9301. 

Mozart for the Homeless

As in previous years, Matthew Watts is hosting  our carol singing in Belsize Terrace on 16 December. 

Also like previous years, he is conducting the London Classical Choir and Orchestra with the Peterborough Choir in a concert of classical masterpieces with proceeds to C4WS Homeless Charity and others. It takes place at St Mary’s Church, on Sunday 26 November, 7pm. Tickets are £16 on the door with online options at

Belsize Walk: From Elysian Fields to Trains and Villas

Until the 1830s the Eton College estate was covered with hay meadows.  Londoners were attracted to these isolated fields to fight duels, protest and enjoy country walks. Then the railway arrived, cutting through the meadows and soon roads and villas followed as well as dairies, nurseries, market gardens and exotic poultry. Find out about all of this, and much more, on our walk led by local historian, Averil Nottage.

“From Elysian Fields to Trains and Villas” will run twice – at 11.00 and 2.30 – on 24 September starting at the junction of England’s Lane and Chalcot Gardens.  Tea and cakes will be provided following the afternoon walk.  Tickets can be booked on Eventbrite.


To book your place register on Eventbrite, use the link for 11am, 24 Sept and the link for 2.30pm, on the same day.

Belsize Community Choir in 2022

Belsize Community Choir was founded in 2010, and we embrace a blend of eclectic music from secular and sacred traditions worldwide that captures a broad spectrum, with around 30+ members, and is a non-auditioned choir so anyone can join us. We are an inclusive, fun and engaging community that values the playful and relaxed pursuit of choral excellence. 

The Choir rehearses at St Peter’s Church on Thursday evenings from 7 pm – 9 pm. There is a break during rehearsal for a drink (or two) for nibbles and socialising. Concessions to the subscription are available. See for further details.

Here are our Christmas events:

  • Sunday, December 11 at 5 pm (tbc). Christ Church, Hampstead.
  • Sunday, 18th December: St Saviours Chalk Farm at 4.30pm (tbc) and onto St Peter’s Belsize Square at 6.30pm for our annual carol service led by Father Paul Nicholson.

Back In Person In The Library

You may have enjoyed the online events organised by the Friends of Belsize Community Library during the lockdowns. The Friends are now planning an exciting programme, but returning to the in-person format at the Library, The first event is on Thursday 17 November at the Belsize Community Library, Antrim Grove NW3 4XN, at 7.30pm.

Writer and performer Karin Fernald will give an illustrated talk on JANE AUSTEN, CARL LINNAEUS AND THE EMPIRE OF SWEDEN. The talk looks at celebrated Swedes listed by Jane Austen; one who freed the country from Danish rule; one who took on the Holy Roman Empire and brought back many paintings. Please come along and meet your neighbours. Suggested donation £5 to include refreshments.

Belsize Walk: Artists, Refugees and Spies

Between about 1933 and 1939, artists living around Parkhill Road pioneered the British Modernist art movement, whilst spies living around Lawn Road were at the centre of Soviet espionage in Britain.  The political turmoil in Europe, and arrival of exiles escaping Fascism, had a significant impact on both these developments.  You can find out more about local culture and chicanery in those extraordinary times on our walk on Sunday 25 September.  Led by Averil Nottage, it will takes place twice – starting at 11.00 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

The afternoon walk will be followed by tea and cakes at Belsize Library. The walks will start at the junction of Parkhill Road and Haverstock Hill. We expect a big demand so, to keep everyone safe, we are limiting numbers by operating a ticket system.  For 11am, the booking is through an Eventbrite site at the link. For the 2.30pm, walk, there is a separate link.

What’s coming up at Hampstead Theatre?

Next on the Main Stage – The Snail House

Sir Neil Marriot had a “good pandemic”, becoming familiar to millions from his TV appearances as a government medical advisor, and he is now rewarding himself with a lavish birthday party. But, amidst the oak panelling and the silver service, his family are at one another’s throats again, and he thinks there’s something familiar – and somehow unsettling – about one of the catering staff…

The Snail House is the first completely original play from Richard Eyre, the vastly experienced director of theatre, opera, film and television who was Artistic Director of the National Theatre from 1988 to 1997. His previous productions at Hampstead have included The Last of the Duchess and Mr Foote’s Other Leg.

Next on Downstairs – Ravenscourt

Lydia is a mental-health professional determined to make a difference. She has given up her comfortable job in private practice to become a therapist at Ravenscourt – where society’s most in need can receive treatment. But as Lydia settles into the job, she starts to realise how high the odds are stacked against her being able to really change things. Maybe the cynics are right: the system is broken and nobody cares..

Georgina Burns is an alumnus of Hampstead Theatre’s INSPIRE course for emerging playwrights; Ravenscourt is her first produced full length play. Hampstead Theatre’s Associate Artist Tessa Walker (Big Big Sky, The Glad Game) directs.

What’s coming up at Hampstead Theatre?

Main Stage until 4 June – The Breach

Love has no limits for the Diggs siblings: there’s nothing that 17-year-old Jude won’t do to keep her younger brother Acton safe. Growing up in the turbulence of 1970s America, Jude works nights and weekends to pay the bills, just so that they can stay together and with their mother. But when Acton’s troublesome pals form a club in their basement, a foolish game threatens to upend Jude’s plans, and derail their lives forever. How far will Jude go to protect her brother? And who will pay the eventual price of her doing so?

As trust and loyalty are put on the line, hindsight proves devastating in Naomi Wallace’s absorbing drama The Breach, directed by Sarah Frankcom.

Coming soon…

The Fellowship: 17 June – 23 July

The world premiere of Roy Williams’ The Fellowship, directed by Paulette Randall, is, by turns, an electrifying, hilarious, gripping tale set in modern Britain. 

Children of the Windrush generation, sisters Dawn and Marcia Adams grew up in 1980s London and were activists on the front line against the multiple injustices of that time. Decades on, they find they they have little in common beyond family…