Belsize in Film and TV Advertisements

Posted on 10/12/2019

TV viewers with eagle eyes will have noticed that the current commercial for Direct Line Insurance is set in Belsize Village. BelSoc is often informed about film projects and can liaise with production companies on behalf of affected residents.

We have been in touch with Olympia Productions UK Limited who are proposing to film scenes for a new feature film entitled “Sack Lunch” in January 2020 in Belsize Lane.  Sack Lunch will be a family-friendly feature film scheduled for cinematic release in late 2020. The story follows a group of immortal beings as they strive to protect humanity.

Filming in Belsize Village is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday 18 January 2020.
The production company is applying to close a portion of the road in Belsize Village on the day of filming but pedestrian access will be maintained. The filming proposal is currently being considered by Camden Film Office (