Howitt Close application refused

Posted on 14/11/2023

Developer Freshwater’s second planning application for permission for seven flats under a new mansard roof on the block in Howitt Close was refused by the Council on 10 October. The refusal notes that “the proposed roof extension, by reason of its height, massing, design and undue prominence, would visually overwhelm features that are an integral part of the host building’s design and significance, namely the flat roof with its deep eaves”. 

This follows an earlier similar application being refused and that refusal being unsuccessfully challenged by the developer. The inspector used words such as “bulky”, describing as “overly large” the proposed dormer windows which would make the proposed mansard “dominant and ‘top heavy’”. This chimed with BelSoc’s own submissions, with Tom Symes appearing at the hearing.

The 1930s block, off Howitt Road, was designed by architects Henry F Webb and Ash, and past Newsletters have featured some of the history and architectural features of the building.