Volunteering for the Society

Posted on 15/8/2022

We would really appreciate members considering volunteering some time for the Society. Emerging from the lockdown, we are very excited to begin to arrange events, represent the views of the community in local forums, celebrate the heritage and history of Belsize, and continue efforts to improve the environment we live in. We also really appreciate the help many members are already providing. But the two years of restrictions has meant the pool of people that have helped has diminished. This is partly because we have done less, but also because the lower interaction means we have not been able to tap Into the Society membership. 

If you would consider volunteering for the Society as you return from summer, then please do get in touch (contact details on the back page, with info@belsize.org.uk being the Society email address).

How could you help?

We have a range of roles that can be undertaken quite flexibly. You may like to deliver the Newsletter each quarter, strolling around our lovely streets to distribute this publication and TYCT. You may like to contribute to the Newsletter, perhaps writing about a local issue or history and heritage and natural environment of Belsize. We have Society noticeboards, maintained by volunteers who keep the boards up-to-date and ensure matters of local interest are publicised. We need help with the events that are organised, whether taking a lead in arranging an event, or contributing to the event itself, such as by baking a cake or serving the teas at our Annual General Meeting. You may be able to host an event for the Society, such as the garden party. In many of these roles, over the last few years, the pool of volunteers has become smaller and it would be great – if you can spare some time – to share the effort amongst a few more people.

We have many opportunities to organise Society activities.

We are currently on the lookout for someone to co-ordinate the delivery of the Newsletter. This involves receiving from the printers the 500-odd newsletters, working with the Newsletter and membership teams to fill envelopes and then pass on to the team of delivery volunteers. We thank Ann McLarty for organising this over a number of years. If you enjoy working with others, and can spare a couple of days each quarter, and you feel able to help, please do contact us.

Wider than that specific role, it would be really welcomed if individuals felt able to lead on other key management roles – whether the editing of the Newsletter, helping on scrutinising planning applications, organising events, assisting on membership and aspects of running the organisation. The Belsize Society is a volunteer-run body and – during the last three years – these tasks have necessarily had to rely on a stable core team, but it would be good to refresh… and there are new areas of community work emerging where individuals may take a lead.