Howitt Close Update

Posted on 6/11/2022

BelSoc Committee member Barbara Abraham writes:

Following up on the article on Howitt Close in the May Newsletter, readers may be interested to hear that on 3 August Camden Council firmly rejected the 2021 planning application to add an additional floor to the building. But unfortunately the relief of residents and neighbours was short-lived because, by the end of August, the freeholder/developer had submitted a new planning application to add a fourth storey of seven flats, this time in a slightly different design.

Howitt Close residents and neighbours have redoubled their efforts in opposing the new application, with full support again from the Belsize Society, Belsize Conservation Area Advisory Committee and the Twentieth Century Society. 

If you wish to object or otherwise comment on the new planning application (ref: 2022/3635/P) please email as soon as possible. All comments received before a decision is reached must be considered by the Council.

In 2015, Camden Council established a “Local List” of historic buildings, spaces and features that are valued by the local community. The list identifies parts of the historic environment that are not already designated in another way, for example, an unlisted building which still adds to a sense of place, local character and civic pride.

The Belsize Society was heavily involved in suggesting buildings and spaces within the Belsize Conservation Area for the local list established in 2015, but gave priority to those places that were not already mentioned in the Conservation Area Plan. Howitt Close was mentioned in the Plan as a “a building making a positive contribution to the special character and appearance of the conservation area” so was not included in the original list. 

However, Howitt Close fully satisfies the criteria for local listing and therefore, in view of the current threat to the architectural integrity of the building, the Belsize Society has written to Camden Council to request that it be added to the Local List.