Haverstock Hill Pop Up Cycle Lanes

Posted on 6/2/2022

January 2022 will see construction of the trial Haverstock Hill pop up cycle lanes begin. This will provide protected cycle lanes in both directions on Haverstock Hill/ Rosslyn Hill (between the junctions with Prince of Wales Road and Pond Street). Having consulted and made several amendments to the scheme, the changes to be made include:

  • Adding 4 new zebra crossings and one new signalised pedestrian crossing.
  • Introduce new benches along the Haverstock Hill / Rosslyn Hill corridor.
  • Extending the hours of operation of the bus lane to Monday – Sunday 24/7.
  • Add shared use bus boarders at bus stops to enable cyclists to remain separated from traffic
  • Improving the junctions/traffic lights for those walking and cycling.
  • Removing the majority of parking provision on Haverstock Hill/ Rosslyn Hill and relocating some of this provision to adjacent side roads.
  • Install more cycle parking to help people switch their journey to the shops by bike.

The scheme will be implemented under an 18-month Experimental Traffic Order, which will enable the improvements to be implemented on a trial basis. This will allow the Council to observe how the proposed changes are operating before carrying out a full public consultation, after twelve months, to decide whether or not the scheme is made permanent. There is also a window to make formal objections to this scheme within the first six months of the scheme’s operation, 27 January 2022 to 27 July 2022. Details on this and the scheme are online: https://safetravelcamden.commonplace.is/proposals/haverstock-hill-pop-up-cycle-lanes.