Camden Clean Air Parklet: Belsize leads the way

Posted on 15/8/2022

After many months of planning, Camden Council opened its first Parklet on 28 June in Belsize Park! The aim of the Camden Clean Air Parklet is to create a space that is dedicated to the community and improving the air we breathe.  A Parklet is a car parking space that is converted into a community space for something more environment or community focused such as bike racks, seating areas, or green space. Camden is aiming to increase the number of Parklets in the Borough.  Camden Clean Air was selected along with two other organisations in the Borough to develop and install a trial Parklet.

It will now be in place for 12 months.  If the council think the trial has been successful, they may consider introducing a Camden Parklet Scheme, providing the community with a process to apply for Parklets.

So why not give it a try?  Located at the corner of England’s Lane and Antrim Road and an excellent place for a coffee.