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Posted on 6/2/2022

BelSoc’s unique TRADESMEN YOU CAN TRUST booklet

Yes, it’s that time of year again: the “Happy New Year”s have all been said and many of us will be deciding what we need done to house and garden and who to approach to do the work. And where do many of us look first? Why, to BelSoc’s TYCT booklet!

The form for suggestions, enclosed with this Newsletter, has been redesigned and is hopefully easier to use (comments welcome). If 20% of our members (the usual is nearer 10%) were to contribute new tradesmen this year and comment on how well currently listed tradesmen have worked as well, we could have a bumper harvest of entries by the end of March and maybe the booklet would revert to or even exceed its pre-covid entry numbers and remain as useful as so many of you tell us it is.

Please do your very best to recall all the repairs and renovations you’ve had done during the year and the tradesmen who’ve done them and just use the enclosed form or email us at, to send us their contact details, brief description and any comments you have. We’ll do the rest and send you a unique booklet of local Tradesmen You Can Trust with our May newsletter.

Belsize Carol Singing
The Society’s Christmas Carol Singing was well-attended with over fifty singing along with Matthew Watts at Belsize Terrace. During the 45 minutes, some old favourites were rolled out, many with our youngest singers leading from the front,  Also, over £250 was raised for the Marie Curie hospice, a good local cause.