Flash Flooding on Monday, 12th July

Posted on 16/7/2021

Following Monday afternoon’s flash floods, Camden is requesting that
anyone who noticed or experienced flooding should report this to

Camden is particularly keen to learn about the following types of

* internal: clean water or sewage (please say which) at a property, eg
in basement, or coming up through the floor into the ground floor, or
simply entering the property from outside
* external: at a building site (eg an open basement or demolition
site), where water is seen to flow out of or through holes in the

If you should have any photos of flooded properties or streets (where
the drains were not coping), these would also be extremely helpful.

Camden produces a map of roads affected by flooding so that developers
know where to be particularly careful not to add to water run-off. The
last two flood years for Hampstead were 1976 and 2002, but the maps of
flooding for these two years included only the roads for which flooding
was reported. It is important that Camden is aware where properties
THE ROADS (see map below).

The other reason to inform Camden is so that it can clear blocked
drains, and so Thames Water knows where storm drains and sewers are not

As a result of reports on the 2002 storm by West and South Hampstead
residents (who receive rainwater surface run-off from
Hampstead/RedFrog), Thames Water Utilities Ltd constructed a sewer at
Sumatra Road, designed to intercept and divert flow towards a storage
tank providing approximately 1,700 m3 of storage during extreme rainfall
events. The scheme was expected to help to reduce the local flood risk,
but a potential flood risk during an extreme rainfall event still
exists, and Thames Water needs to know about this.

If you experienced sewage coming in, then you need to inform Thames
Water as well on: 0800 316 9800.