Belsize Society Newsletter August 2021

Posted on 19/8/2021

Welcome to the August Newsletter of the Belsize Society.

We were sad to have to cancel the Summer Party this year. The postponement of the lifting of lockdown unfortunately just caught our event. However, this Newsletter does contain details of events in the autumn.

We are really pleased that our former chair Averil Nottage will lead an historical walk in the area that Belsize House inhabited, tying into the November event, “The Story of Moll King’s Belsize Houses” where David Percy will present filmed excerpts of his book. This event will also provide an opportunity to celebrate 50 years of the Association and Society.

There is also a dip into the Belsize Residents Association archive, covering the campaigns residents progressed in two areas – the closure of local post offices and the removal of estate agent boards.

As we emerge out of lockdown, the Newsletter covers some of the reopening of the arts in the Belsize area, reviewing the Walter Price exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre and some recent plays at the Hampstead Theatre.

The next months will see the Society participating in a second planning inquiry over 100 Avenue Road as the developers seek to reduce the affordable housing associated with the project. The Newsletter covers this as well as the dialogue we are having with the Council about enforcement during construction of projects.

The Newsletter reports also on initiatives to plant trees in the area and the Society’s donation to the Belsize Community Library.