Useful Council Links

Posted on 15/3/2020

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Grants for Home Owners and Private Tenants.
Did you know that Camden’s Warmer Cheaper Greener Programme provides a wide range of grants to help people make their homes more energy efficient? If you are thinking about energy efficient measures, have a look at Camden’s website here

Camden Parking Suspensions
Did you know that you can find out all about parking bay suspensions on Camden’s website? You can book a suspension online as well as searching for current suspensions here. There is also a facility for receiving alerts about future suspensions, for those who do not want to get caught out. 

Camden Weekly Planning Applications, including Trees
All weekly planning applications can be checked on the link which follows, but it could be particularly useful for those wishing to comment on any proposals to fell trees, be they visible from the street or not. Unfortunately, the tree applications are amongst all the building applications so there is often quite a list to trawl through but here’s the link.

Camden Local Planning Alerts
The only notifications we now have of neighbourhood planning applications, are yellow notices on lamp posts. It is however, possible to sign up for email alerts about your local applications from Camden here