Tradesman You Can Trust 2020

Posted on 16/8/2020

Thank you for patiently awaiting the 2020 TYCT which accompanies the printed version of this newsletter, and extra thanks to all members who contributed recommendations of new and existing tradesmen. The booklet still covers 20 pages, but some categories are well spaced out, as one way and another, there are fewer entries than for some years, including a number caused by non-payment of the membership fee.

There is one change which is due to a thoughtful member, who found the method of showing the three-year rule to be clumsy – which it was. But when challenged, he proposed a much clearer way. We hope you’ll agree when you see how it works, as described on the inside front cover.

Remember you can send in your suggestions and re-recommendations all through the year for the 2021 issue; use the white form in the centre of this booklet, print the same form from the TYCT page under ‘publications’ on the website or just put all relevant details in an email to

Meanwhile, keep those tradesmen working and keep them and yourselves safe and well.