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Posted on 3/6/2020

Camden Pollution Monitoring Project

Due to Covid-19, the planned meeting for Camden Council to report back on the results of the community air quality monitoring study in Belsize Park had to be put on hold until such gatherings are again possible. In the meantime, our August newsletter will present the quantitative findings for the 10 locations where we measured the levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), plus some initial discussion of what we have learned about local air quality during 2019. As soon as we are able to arrange the meeting, details will appear on the Belsize Society website and will be sent out by email to the survey volunteers and members.

Your TYCT will be with you soon…

Thanks to members for sending us their new tradesmen ‘finds’, plus re-recommendations for existing entries. All this input has been compiled and readied for printing. Our usual volunteer newsletter delivery has not been possible due to Covid-19. So, regrettably, we have been unable to include the new TYCT with this newsletter.

We hope that the August newsletter will be under more favourable conditions and will include the TYCT.

Many of you may be reading this online…

Ordinarily, delivery of this newsletter would be through our band of volunteers kindly walking around the area hand posting to members. This time we have printed and posted around 200 newsletters, around a third of the membership, who we know prefer paper. But if you’ve provided the Society with an email address or are visiting the website, you’ll be reading this online.

We hope to return to delivery soon. If you can spare an afternoon every few months to have a pleasant walk around Belsize helping with this, then do contact us at or call the membership secretary.

Planning matters

During the lockdown, work on 100 Avenue Road has continued with the completion of the slab in June being the next milestone. The site has sought to maintain social distancing while working and staggered the travel of construction workers. The monitoring data to mid-May was available indicating levels of compliance for noise and pollution similar to past periods. The working group has continued to meet online.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, formal Council meetings, such as Planning Committee, are being held remotely, using audio and visual technology. Residents can view the proceedings and make representations to the council, who are conducting remote meetings using Microsoft Teams.