BelSoc Matters

Posted on 15/11/2020


BelSoc membership subscriptions for 2021 are due on 1 January 2021.  We hope you will all wish to renew your membership as we are dependant on subscriptions for our work.  We do not send out invoices but enclosed with this Newsletter you will find a letter addressed to you personally with details of what to do.  Please read it and take action before 1 January.
Remember all the benefits of the membership, such as the ‘Tradesmen You Can Trust’ booklet and the chance to be involved with local issues. Also, if you are able, please use gift aid when making membership payments.

BelSoc Trustee Reporting Requirements

As members will know, Trustees of charities are obliged under charity law to comply with the reporting requirements set by the Charity Commission. For a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) like BelSoc, this means submitting an annual Trustee report on the charity’s activities and a statement of accounts. Trustees have ten months following the end of the reporting period to do this.

Our first Trustee report and financial return can therefore now be found as a download on the Charity Commission’s website. BelSoc was registered as a charity on 26 November 2018, so the report and return cover the period from that date to 31 December 2019. Hereafter our reports will cover the calendar year.

As BelSoc’s annual income is less than £25,000 there is no legal requirement to have our accounts independently examined. However, as you may recall, the end of year statement of accounts that we present to members at the AGM has for a number of years been examined independently, and in preparing our financial return for the Commission we have followed the same practice. An Independent Examiner’s report to Trustees is therefore included among the documents. We are most grateful (as ever!) to Jill Tyrrell for agreeing to undertake this.