Belsize Society Newsletter: August 2020

Posted on 16/8/2020

Welcome to the Newsletter of the Belsize Society.

We were very sad to hear about the passing away of Consuelo Phelan in May. She was passionate about the trees in Belsize and helped the Society and BRA for many years. This Newsletter has a piece about her.

The Newsletter also presents results from last year’s pollution monitoring project. It shows three of our 10 locations breached the annual legal limits for nitrogen dioxide and several other sites experienced high levels during winter months. Thanks to the volunteers and Teresa Poole for this study which we’ll build on in the coming months.

Peter Darley writes about Robert Stephenson, Chief Engineer for the London and Birmingham Railway in the 1830s, residing in Belsize, and who personally took responsibility for the the first nine miles of the line from Camden Town, establishing the construction technology for the railway age.

September sees the release of a book that captures Belsize in the 18th century. David Percy’s book about “Moll” King describes a woman who mixed with harlots, courtesans and lords.

The Newsletter also updates on some local news, including the work of a group of organisations towards a Hampstead Hopper Bus. We also describe donations the Society are making, particularly responding to C19 challenges. With this issue, you’ll also be receiving a copy of Tradesman You Can Trust.

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter.