100 Avenue Road: Summary of Minutes from CWG video conference call on 2nd April 2020

Posted on 11/5/2020

1. Meeting Minutes: the Chairman explained the meeting would be recorded to enable minutes to be taken afterwards. He agreed to take advice re GDPR prior to distribution of the minutes.

2. Works progress: tower foundations and vertical elements completed as are foundations for lower block. Excavation of southern side for further foundations.

3. Lorry movements: conveyor belt unavailable from early April so lorries will use pit lane to enter site, be loaded and reverse out. Concrete lorries to park in pit lane and use concrete pump. Most noisy works now completed. Entire ground floor slab to be completed by early June. A request was made for actual traffic flow for previous period and predicted flow for next period.

4. Noise: a new format was shown for a noise graph on camera and will be online for easier reading of any exceedances.

5. Covid 19: government recommendations were being followed. Question was raised of possibly suspending works because of risks to workers and families. But EL said works will continue. Details were given of the 43 workers’ travel to and from site; 12 by car, 5 by bicycle, others split into teams of six using public transport, with staggered arrival and departure times. Other details given included lunch being taken in offices rather than canteen to allow social distancing. To date, no worker had reported sick and all had been given a choice of not working on site.

6. Distance rule: photographs in CNJ showed workers less than 2m apart. Camden councillors said 2m distance rule does not always apply and suggested reports should be made on site at the time, rather than to newspapers.

7. It was mentioned that many of the public concerned with the project were in self isolation so there was less public involvement in overseeing the project but it was pointed out that the video conferencing meetings were open to anyone in the construction working group and the data is also available on the internet.

PLEASE NOTE: Next CWG meeting will be by video conference call on Thursday 14th May at 18.00. Register with Barry Coltrini: <barry.coltrini@essentialliving.co.uk>