100 Avenue Road: Summary of Minutes from CWG video conference call on 18th June 2020

Posted on 18/7/2020

1. Works progress: Most excavation and the basement box completed
2. Next works: Contractor’s contract works, including ground floor slab, complete by end June. Contractor will then undertake closing out works as instructed by EL. Tower crane to be removed first week of July.
3. Dust & Noise: noise monitor readings all below 70db and dust levels mainly below 50 micro grams. The small volumes of cleaning solution wash off from machinery, will be soaked up by sand around cleaning area.
4. Lorry movements: vehicles missing from compliance register due to drivers using unrecorded vehicles, now corrected. Request that vehicle tables should differentiate between those entering via the site and those via A41 pit lane. TfL to be asked for written evidence of vehicle movements across A41 to pit lane.
5. Future of works: due to Covid 19, EL are conducting strategic review. Once closing works complete, there will be no main contractor on site in 2020. Site will be made safe, holes boxed off, security employed by EL. CCTV and roaming security frequency to be decided. Camden councillor requested the site be inspected when closing off completed. Also requested point of contact for any issues once site closed.
6. Answers regarding future use of amended CMP not known; future of site not within scope of meeting. Three members praised the contractor for their professional dealing with a difficult situation.

Next meeting: Thursday, 23rd July 2020 at 18.00 via Zoom, link to be circulated.