Ward boundaries in Camden

Posted on 17/9/2019

Review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England

The Local Government Boundary Commission is undertaking a review of the ward
boundaries in Camden. This review is part of a wider programme of electoral reviews of
London boroughs that have not been reviewed in the last five years, meaning that 25 of
London’s 32 boroughs will be reviewed before the end of 2020. The Commission aims to
recommend ward boundaries such that each local councillor represents approximately the
same number of voters and such that the boundaries reflect the interests and identities
of local communities, as well as promoting effective local government.
The review is a lengthy process, with two stages for the public to make their views known. We
are pleased to say that the representations that we made to the Commission at the first stage
were accepted and helped to persuade the Commission to have doubts about Camden Council’s proposals to split up Belsize ward.
The Commission’s draft recommendations recognise that “Belsize Residents’ Association [opposes] the Council’s proposed ward on the grounds that it would split the Belsize community between a number of wards and would not allow for effective and convenient local government. In particular, both the Residents’ Association and a local resident described the roads with ‘Belsize’ in the street name as being a central part of the Belsize community, and that these roads should all be included in a Belsize ward”. The Commission took into consideration that the BRA is a large and active association and saw the advantages of a Belsize ward that (i) reflects the area that the BRA covers; (ii) keeps the whole of Belsize Village in Belsize ward; (iii) includes both sides of Eton Avenue in Belsize ward; and (iv) includes Belsize Park Underground Station in Belsize ward.
The second-stage consultation saw BelSoc make further representations on the Commission’s draft recommendations. The Commission will publish its final recommendations to Parliament on 1 October 2019. For full information, see http://www.lgbce.org.uk/all-reviews/greater-london/greater-london/camden. Whatever the outcome of the review, BelSoc will continue to work hard for the amenity of Belsize Park as a whole with no change in the substance of what we do or the services we provide for members.
From BelSoc August Newsletter