100 Avenue Road – Construction Working Group

Posted on 17/9/2019

Summary of Minutes from Meeting held on 22.08.19.

Dashboard Report: On site crushing has minimised vehicles to site. Over next period, basement slab will be broken with further hardcore crushing. Once pit lane licence is issued, scaffolding will be erected around LUL entrance and once parkland use licence is issued, hoarding will be extended and sculpture will be relocated south of the library.
Lorries do comply with ULEZ but penalties do not come into effect until 2021.

Monitoring: It was reported that dust monitor readings are as low as before works started. Acoustic blankets have been fitted to inside of hoardings, drawing comment that noise levels were bearable. Some discussion about the positioning and efficacy of a pollution monitor in Winchester Road. This will be put in abeyance until construction commences.

Vehicle Movements: vehicle movements less than anticipated over previous week. Three skip lorries on 23rd August precluded necessity for six vehicles on 27th August and there would be no work over bank holiday weekend.
Pit lane and subsequent works timing would take about three weeks from granting of license but commencement dependent on granting of license from TFL
14 vehicle restriction to site related only to Winchester Road. Potentially, there could be up to 50 lorries via the pit lane. In fact there are plans to eradicate the use of Winchester Road at all, apart from some vehicles at the very end of construction.
Construction company is Mace who are due on site in May/June 2020. They are not looking to increase vehicle movements or change working hours in the CMP. Proposed haulage contractor, Swain, already comply with the ULEZ and control delivery timing with tracking devices.
Some concern was expressed concerning weight of lorries over underground ticketing hall but there will be temporary or permanent works to bridge over the hall. Current entrances to the tube station will remain.

AOB: Mace is formally appointed on pre-construction agreement but hoped to have contract by year end.
Removal of bollards by Hampstead Theatre was connected with removal of cabins at RCSS rather than 100 Avenue Road site.

Next meeting: 3rd October 2019