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AGM Report: First Society Annual General Meeting

The first full Belsize Society AGM took place at Belsize Square Synagogue on Sunday 8 March. The meeting reviewed a successful year for the Society.

The Chair reported on events that were organised, the continued role of commenting on planning and tree applications, and the publications the Society produced. The Tradesmen You Can Trust booklet was provided to members, who were also kept informed of local issues thorough email, the website and the newsletter. The Society’s carol singing and garden party attracted large numbers. Continue reading

Latest from the Society

Camden Pollution Monitoring Project

Due to Covid-19, the planned meeting for Camden Council to report back on the results of the community air quality monitoring study in Belsize Park had to be put on hold until such gatherings are again possible. In the meantime, our August newsletter will present the quantitative findings for the 10 locations where we measured the levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), plus some initial discussion of what we have learned about local air quality during 2019. As soon as we are able to arrange the meeting, details will appear on the Belsize Society website and will be sent out by email to the survey volunteers and members. Continue reading

Tradesmen You Can Trust

A New Decade and nearly time for a new TYCT

So please get busy with email or pen and form, to send us your new tradesmen ‘finds’, plus re-recommendations for existing entries. All this input is for members, by fellow members  – so mutually beneficial!

Our thanks to all who have already contributed. As a reminder to those who intend to do so, please use the form enclosed with this newsletter, or download the same form from, or just email full details, including your own, to by 3rd April 2020.