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100 Avenue Road: Summary of Minutes from CWG video conference call on 2nd April 2020

1. Meeting Minutes: the Chairman explained the meeting would be recorded to enable minutes to be taken afterwards. He agreed to take advice re GDPR prior to distribution of the minutes.

2. Works progress: tower foundations and vertical elements completed as are foundations for lower block. Excavation of southern side for further foundations.

3. Lorry movements: conveyor belt unavailable from early April so lorries will use pit lane to enter site, be loaded and reverse out. Continue reading

100 Avenue Road: Summary of Minutes from CWG meeting on Wednesday, 26th February 2020.

1. Recent activity: piling activity completed; excavation of site near farmers’ market finished and progressing to the south, near parkland; most of noisy breaking out 95% complete.

2. Future works: include more foundations and retaining walls, construction of basement box and ground floor slab.

3. Tower crane: some concern recorded about safety of recently installed tower crane, particularly in windy conditions. It was explained that the crane is designed to unlock over certain wind speeds to act like a weather vane rather than a sail! Continue reading

HS2 Drop-in event

HS2 had planned a community drop-in event concerning works on Adelaide Road, at Swiss Cottage Library for Thursday, 26th March. Following the most recent government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19), they have decided to cancel the event. They apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The event material and a Q&A document about their work on the Adelaide Road site will be published from 26th March at

If you have a question about HS2 or the works, please contact the helpdesk on 08081 434 434 or email

Useful Council Links

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Grants for Home Owners and Private Tenants.
Did you know that Camden’s Warmer Cheaper Greener Programme provides a wide range of grants to help people make their homes more energy efficient? If you are thinking about energy efficient measures, have a look at Camden’s website here

Camden Parking Suspensions
Did you know that you can find out all about parking bay suspensions on Camden’s website? You can book a suspension online as well as searching for current suspensions here. There is also a facility for receiving alerts about future suspensions, for those who do not want to get caught out. 

Camden Weekly Planning Applications, including Trees
All weekly planning applications can be checked on the link which follows, but it could be particularly useful for those wishing to comment on any proposals to fell trees, be they visible from the street or not. Unfortunately, the tree applications are amongst all the building applications so there is often quite a list to trawl through but here’s the link.

Camden Local Planning Alerts
The only notifications we now have of neighbourhood planning applications, are yellow notices on lamp posts. It is however, possible to sign up for email alerts about your local applications from Camden here

WAC Arts and Hampstead Town Hall

Members may recall that over the years Belsize Residents’ Association made a number of donations to the WAC Arts organisation, based in the old Hampstead Town Hall on Haverstock Hill. In 2019 BelSoc continued this with a further donation of £200. For members unaware of the organisation’s work, we thought some account of its history and activities might be welcome, particularly in view of its intention to carry out some building work within the Town Hall. As you may know, the Town Hall is a Grade II listed building. BelSoc now has as one of its charitable objectives to promote high standards of architecture, conservation, planning, design and use of buildings in Belsize Ward, and to promote the protection, development and improvement of features of historic interest in the area. So it will be part of our responsibility to take an interest if significant changes of this kind are planned. Continue reading

Bench commemorating Arthur Rackham

Friends of Belsize Library are seeking funds from Belsize ward’s Community Infrastructure Levy allocation for a bench commemorating the life and works of Arthur Rackham.

Born on 19 September 1867, English illustrator Arthur Rackham was recognised as one of the leading literary figures during the Golden Age of British book illustration. Famous for drawing sensitive and scary images of fantastical woodland creatures and enchanted trees, Rackham’s influence continues to this day with Director Guilermo Del Toro and Brian Froud, illustrator for the recent Dark Crystal series on Netflix, citing him as a big inspiration on their own work.

Continue reading

100 Avenue Road CMP: Summary of Minutes from last Construction Working Group meeting, held on Thursday, 16th January at 18.00

1. Piling activity has been completed and piling rig and crane removed from site on 18th January without using Winchester Road. Excavation works for new foundations have started near the farmers’ market.

2. Existing foundations, a one metre thick slab of concrete by the theatre, being broken up with 8 and/or 20 tonne excavators. This would take 4-5 days but be less noisy than the piling. Tower crane to be erected in early February and new piles to be reduced by 400-500mm. Continue reading

BelSoc Deputation to Camden Planning Committee

BelSoc have attended meetings with Camden Council enforcement teams about the approach to be taken to large projects. Large projects could be basement developments or the 100 Avenue Road construction, where there is likely to be significant disruption during the build. We are keen to see the teams able to routinely check on how developers are meeting their Construction Management Plans, and other obligations.

BelSoc Chair Prabhat Vaze with Oliver Froment of CRAAC recently made a deputation to the Council’s Planning Committee about possible ways to improve the situation, especially lessons from other London Boroughs where systematic monitoring is taking place and the funding for this has been met by developers, an innovation which the Council explained they are exploring.

Successful conclusion of the community air quality monitoring study

Thank you to all the Belsize Society members and other volunteers who have helped to bring to a successful conclusion the community air quality monitoring study in Belsize Park / Swiss Cottage. We are now excitedly awaiting the results, hopefully due around the end of March 2020.

Since early January 2019, up to 30 volunteers have been tending the 10 monitoring locations, mostly situated in the area between Finchley Road and Haverstock Hill. Every month the teams organised themselves to take down the test-tubes from high on kerbside lampposts / signposts, post them back to Camden Council for analysis, and replace them with a new set of tubes. Continue reading