About Us

The Belsize Residents Association (BRA) is a non-profit and non-political organisation. Our members are drawn mainly from the area between Lyndhurst and Adelaide Roads from north to south and between Fitzjohns Avenue and the approaches to Fleet Road from west to east. Whilst the BRA acts as a channel of communication, where possible, between our members and those who provide our public services, we do not lobby or act directly on behalf of individual members, nor can we provide legal or planning advice.

Our activities include:

  • Checking all local planning and tree applications; commenting or objecting where appropriate. We also seek to influence planning policy. The BRA response to all applications is listed in the minutes of our monthly committee meetings which are available here. For advice on how to object or comment on a planning application to Camden Council, please see here.
  • Raising concerns about and responding to consultations on local public services, traffic, parking and transport. Meeting regularly with councillors to discuss local issues.
  • Providing information about local issues and activities through quarterly newsletters, two noticeboards and this website as well as publishing an annual booklet (“Tradesmen You Can Trust”) listing tradesmen recommended by our members. See here.
  • Noticeboards: the BRA has noticeboards in Belsize Village and on Haverstock Hill. These are used to publicise community events. For guidance on displaying posters, see here.
  • Organising a programme of social events. See here.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM takes place in March each year. The annual reports, accounts and minutes of the meetings are available here.

The Committee

The BRA Committee consists of current BRA members who are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Committee members take responsibility for specific topics based on their particular interests and skills.

Chair chair@belsize.org.uk
Camden Local Services localservices@belsize.org.uk
General Enquiries info@belsize.org.uk
Membership Secretary membership@belsize.org.uk
Newsletter Editor & contributions  info@belsize.org.uk
Planning  braplanning@gmail.com
Secretary  secretary@belsize.org.uk
Tradesmen You Can Trust  tyct@belsize.org.uk
Trees & Streets

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