Current Issues

Mobile Theft by Moped: drop in session on 26.10.17. with Tulip Siddiq

Policemen, two each from Camden and Brent, welcomed visitors individually on arrival and Tulip Siddiq was also answering questions.

The policeman to whom the BRA representative spoke was very pleased to know that their warning posters have been and are on our noticeboards and also proffered some useful advice for us to pass on:

– Use common sense: none of us would walk around in public waving £1000 in our hands, so why an item worth something approaching that same value?

Where we use our phone is also important: avoid using it at major hubs such as station exits and bus stops.

Keep the phone in your pocket or bag: if you must use it outside, go into a shop doorway or an alcove or even a gateway.

– The drivers and their passengers are not bothered about knocking down their victims- they just grab the loot and are off! The thieves can be as young as fifteen with no licence and the scooters are often stolen.

– These moped thefts are opportunistic crime: the effort and skill required are less and the reward probably greater than other crimes such as burglary. So we should do our best to lessen any opportunities