Current Issues

Crime and Security

Mopeds and phone snatching: according to recent police figures, there were 1,680 moped-enabled mobile phone snatches in Camden in the 12 months to April 2017. In Belsize, our local police will be undertaking targeted crime prevention activities, at least one per week such as leaflet and letter drops to scooter owners warning them to better secure their vehicles (most moped thieves use stolen mopeds) and also raising awareness and alerting the public of the dangers.

Belsize Ward councillors have also organised a public meeting with the police on 14th September – see our Forthcoming Meetings page.

Accessing the Police: the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime is consulting on ways in which the public can contact the police to help save £400m which the Met has to do by 2020. The draft plans involve the closure of ‘costly and underused police front counters’ and aim to provide ‘better ways to contact the Met online’. There is apparently a growing public demand for access to Police services from smartphones, tablets and computers and the savings from such closures could be spent on frontline policing.

The draft strategy and consultation questionnaire are available on the Mayor’s website: The closing date for responses to the questionnaire is 6th October 2017.

HS2 and the environment

HS2 has published the Camden Local Environmental Management Plan which sets out measures that HS2 contractors must take to reduce the impact of construction on Camden. The plan was published on 5th July and is available in pdf form on:

HS2 will pay for Camden Council to plant 150 trees this winter (2017-18) around Euston and near Adelaide Nature Reserve as the first phase of planting to replace trees that will be lost to HS2 construction. Camden is considering sites for the trees across all council-owned land, including housing estates, parks and streets.

Camden Planning

The Camden Local Plan was formally adopted by the Council on 3 July 2017. It has replaced the Council’s Core Strategy and Development Policies as the basis for planning decisions and future development in the borough. The various parts of the plan can be found on Camden’s Local Plan web pages

Camden plan to revise their planning guidances – CPGs  over the coming year, to ensure they are up to date, reflect the new Camden Local Plan and recent national changes to planning policy. BRA submitted views on an initial consultation about the current structure of the guidance. We supported the move to a web-based version highlighting that this would need some parallel work making the content easier to navigate.

The detailed content of the CPGs is to be developed in the coming months, with Camden planning to consult on CPG 3 Sustainability, CPG 4 Basements, CPG 5 Town Centre and Employment, CPG 6 Amenity and some elements of CPG2 Housing in a first phase. A second phase will then follow.

 Globe Tennis Club (the one behind Belsize Park Station)

The Globe needs your help.  After 65 years of being run as a tennis club which is open to state schools and locals who may otherwise be disenfranchised from accessing tennis as a sport, Camden Council are threatening the closure of the club.

This threat comes from the fact that in the new lease which is being negotiated with Camden, the officers wish to insert a break clause in 3 years time which will permit them to take the premises back for redevelopment purposes for housing.  The lease will be backdated to January 2016 so that the 3 year break could take place in 18 months time.

There is a petition below which will be delivered to Camden which explains the issue.  Please pass far and wide and please sign.

Please show your support by writing to your local councilors about this issue to obtain their support to push Camden officers not to include a development break clause and do sign the petition above.  Please also write to Councillor Phil Jones who is the Camden Cabinet Member, and therefore the person, responsible for the regeneration of Camden’s assets.